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Brimverse: Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon 'verse

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Name:Brimverse : A Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon NolanverseAU
Website:Brimverse Wiki Page
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Brimverse: Bruce / Jim Nolanverse based 'verse.

Basic Rules:
- All Stories must coincide with each other and run the same time-line.

- Basic Characters from the Nolan Batman movies are allowed. You may introduce a character from Comics just as long as they are realistic or you put a more realistic twist on them.

- You don't have to write Jim Gordon or Bruce Wayne POV, you can write from any character's point of view. This is just a Nolanverse Based AU that is based around Bruce/Jim eventually becoming a couple.

- You can write anytime on the time-line, even childhood events. You must keep consistent to the time line. All else fails, read other authors fics for help.

- All Ratings are acceptable.

- Art and Comics are more than welcome.

- Be sure to read character profiles before writing a character someone else has already introduced. You must use the description and personality presented by the author who introduced the character into the 'verse.

-Beta'ing your work with someone else is not necessary, but if you need help there are quite a few veteraned Bruce/Jim authors who would be willing to help.

- Most of All! Have Fun.

*disclaimer* We are non-profit writers/artists sharing in the love of the Bat'verse created by Christopher Nolan, DC comics, and WB Studios - we've simply turned the tables a bit to make it bit of fun. We do not own any of this, nor do we claim to. All rights belong to DC and WB.

Interests (50):

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